Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Currently my favorite photo is of...

Benson being disagreeable about a photo op on the National Mall.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I've been woefully neglectful...

I haven't written anything in an obscenely long time. But hey, I'm not just neglecting this blog, nooooo. I also owe several people emails and I have yet to fully dedicate myself to a job search in Texas (where I will be living in 40 days). At least I'm consistent in my neglect.

Wait, whoa! Did I just say I'd be living in Texas in 40 days?! Sweet Lord, I need to pack. And by pack, I mean purge, since we're not taking anything that doesn't fit in the car. The car that will also be carrying me, my Lovie and our 72 pound dog. So we're not really taking much. We're mailing our some of clothes and other belongings, but only the best will be worth shipping. I realized how severe the cuts will be this morning when it occurred to me that shipping two pairs of jeans with holes in them might not be a good investment. Therefore, I will be moving to the ATX with only one pair of jeans.

Its scary, but also a little thrilling. We've taken the terrifying leap into accepting how little we actually need. Our priorities are each other and our dog. Oh, and my grandma's kitchen table. Oh, and the antique chest my dad lined in cedar for me. (... and anything else I can convince my Lovie to try to squeeze into the car.)

I'm going to try to be better about writing. I'm also going to get a high paying Texas job, a lovely Austin house/apartment, save up money to buy a foreclosed property, take sewing and piano lessons and apply for and go to grad school. Oh, and secure free money to pay for said grad school. Yeah... ALL of that is going to happen. Sure, why not. I mean hey - I updated my blog. Who thought that was gonna get accomplished?!